A grain & protein bowl place by day and Izakaya bar by night.

5 Ways to Stay on Top of Your Game

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The above picture does not belong to me.

Feeling the pressure? Me too! But here’s how you can cope with it like a pro.



At a glance:
1. Waste time, make time.
2. Small-goal Setting // Sit-down Time
3. Wash up with PURPOSE.
4. One thing at a time.
5. Meditate.

Melbourne, Australia (PART 1)


Join me on my 7-day trip to Melbourne!


DAY 1:


Bibelot’s Cakes

City On A Hill

DAY 2:


Hosier Lane

St Paul’s Cathedral

Chadstone The Fashion Capital

Hunky Dory

DAY 3:

Brighton Beach

Brighton Schoolhouse

St Kilda’s Penguins

7 Ways to Boost Creativity

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Apart from exercising, sleeping and hydrating yourself well, here are 7 other ways (in no particular order of importance) you can focus, think better and stimulate your creative side.

Japan in 100 Words

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Refreshing, gorgeous and out-of-this-world, my 10 days in Japan has convinced me that it is the most amazing place on earth, with equally amazing people. Japan has surprised me in many ways, from their transport efficiency to the sheer amount of effort they put into achieving the highest aesthetic; in Osaka, covers of manholes engraved in pagodas and Tokyo, cherry blossoms.


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Hi there!



It’s been a while since I have been on WordPress (2 months to be exact). While this hiatus of mine is indefinite, I have NO INTENTION of letting this space wither away, and I will definitely check in again like I am doing now. Oh and fear not, that doesn’t mean that this blog will only be running on monthly updates!

Jokes aside, the reason behind this update is to make up for my sudden silence on this site – I’m here to explain. But before I do that, I want you to know that I really appreciate you for following this blog. And even if you aren’t, THANK YOU FOR EVEN CLICKING TO READ THIS!!!


It means a lot.


Now that we’ve established that, here’s what has been going on while I was away (from WordPress, anyway):

Signs A Taste of Vietnam pho


Stowed away in a secluded corner of Midpoint Orchard’s basement, Signs A Taste of Vietnam is truly the epitome of what it means to be a ‘hidden gem’. The place is run by a deaf and mute couple, Anthony and Angela. I first heard about it through my mother who saw a FaceBook post made by DanielFoodDiary and being a fan of Vietnamese cuisine, was eager to give this eatery a taste.

DURIAN Toast – A Hit or Miss?


Renown for their ‘Kaya Toast w/ Butter’, Ya Kun has steadily built a clientele so loyal that even my relatives from Hong Kong looked forward to having breakfast there more than they did visiting us, in Singapore. Well, at least that was until Ya Kun had expanded to Hong Kong…